Meridian Insurance Group Inc. was formed in January of 2000 by the merger of three (3) long standing and well respected insurance brokerages.  Ralph L. Duclos and Son Limited was first established in Ottawa in 1919.  Bert Kerr Insurance Brokers Inc. was first established by Bert Kerr in 1948.  Claus Strahl Insurance Broker Limited was started in 1954 by Claus Strahl and all 3 of these companies were able to grow based on their strong reputation for excellent customer service over the years.  In January 2000 they were able to further enhance their customer service and competitive market position by combining their strengths to form one larger company incorporated under the name of Meridian Insurance Group Inc.

As of April 2019, Meridian Insurance Group Inc. merged with Trigon Insurance Brokers Ltd., recognizing the value of pooling their resources to provide homeowners, car owners, and business owners with Insurance that Makes Sense.

As important as the strategic advantages of these mergers may be, even more important is the fact that a larger pool of professionals are available to look after your insurance requirements. Contact information and names of our customer service team are included for your reference.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be of service to you and we look forward to continuing to meet your insurance requirements both now and in the future.