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Providing simple, efficient insurance solutions tailored to your personal and business needs

At Meridian Insurance Group, we understand that insurance can be complicated. Whether you want to insure your home, your vehicle or your business, there is a lot to know and understand. No single solution fits everyone’s needs. Let us help. With a history in Ottawa and the surrounding area that spans nearly 100 years, we have long experience in helping our clients find the insurance solutions that best fit their unique needs. Quite simply, we make insurance easy.

The Meridian experience starts with an initial needs assessment. Our professionals sit down with you to discover your precise insurance requirements. From there, we shop the market. As registered brokers, we represent a select range of insurance providers across Ontario. We submit your criteria to each to find the insurance solution that matches your needs. We then work with you to discover the one solutions provider that offers the best product.

Our work extends beyond helping you find an insurer. Meridian Insurance Group’s professionals act as your advocates in the event of a claim. We work on your behalf to ensure you receive fair value for any claims you make. We also help you understand how changing insurance regulations or policies affect your coverage, and to discover new products that may better suit your evolving needs.

Meridian Insurance Group is a proud member of the Ottawa Insurance Brokers Association, and the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario. We earnestly believe that your best insurance is an insurance broker.

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